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By Jennifer Cruz

Richard Gathercole, 39, was arrested after he shot at a state trooper, but authorities later learned he’s wanted for a series of bank robberies. (Photo: Federal Bureau of Investigation)
A chance encounter at a gas station in Lexington, Nebraska, last week led to the capture of a suspect involved in half a dozen bank robberies and two shootouts with police, with the suspicion furthered after the man made a damning phone call from jail to his mother.
Richard Gathercole, 39, of Roundup, Montana, is believed to be responsible for six armed bank robberies over five states in the last five years. Gathercole is also the suspect in two officer-involved shootings, including one which left a California police officer seriously wounded.
The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Gathercole, who was dubbed the “AK-47 bandit,” was taken into custody at gunpoint June 20 without further incident.
While in jail, Gathercole made a phone call to his mother instructing her to “get all the guns out.” She agreed to do so, but also pointed out to Gathercole that his call from the jail was likely recorded. Gathercole’s mother was right.
Soon after the call was made, authorities executed a search warrant at Gathercole’s home, where they found


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