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By Ray

California Compliant Stock

Oh California, you’re a great place to live but also a horrible one too. Good weather, beaches, mountains, forest and deserts all in one state. Great food, jobs and Disneyland too. If you’re a gun owner however, it’s a nightmare. Magazine capacity restrictions, pistol rosters, outright bans and now the recent “assault rifle” ban have been the bane of any law abiding Californian gun owner.

The recent assault rifle laws that went into effect are a big blow to California gun rights. Owners of AR-15s, AK-47s and other semi-auto rifles and pistols that California deems to be “assault weapons” have three options. Register them with the state of California as an assault weapon, which is a big no go for many (as it should be). Use a part that locks the magazine into place and requires the rifle/pistol’s upper or dust shield to be removed each time the user needs to reload. Or go featureless.

What is featureless? It means to remove the evil features that California’s lawmakers consider the features that make an assault weapon. These features are a flash hider, pistol grip, forward pistol grip and adjustable buttstock. Lots of companies have stepped up to the plate and produced …Read the Rest

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