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By Jennifer Cruz

Phillip Langevin was one of four people involved in a boating accident over the weekend that claimed one life. (Photo: WGME)
A Maine resident involved in a boating accident with three others Sunday morning said they were rescued thanks to a gunshot that alerted a nearby boater they were in distress.
The group was about 10 miles from the coast when their boat starting taking on water.
Water filled the back of the boat, so the group went to the front of the boat in an effort to keep it stable. But their efforts came to an end when a 3-foot wave crashed over the boat, causing it to capsize.
“It went up and then kind of twisted and threw us,” Phillip Langevin said. “Those guys went one direction. I went in another. Had a life jacket in my hand and it got caught in the boat and I couldn’t get it.”
After the boat flipped, three of the men were able to grab onto the capsized boat, but the fourth person, 53-year-old Elizabeth Douglass, was nowhere to be found.
“Her boyfriend said he had ahold of her. And the force pulled her out from his arms,” Langevin said. “The last thing any of us


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