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By Robert Farago

Terrorist attack map (courtesy

Republished from Risks Incorporated:

When I ask my students what is the most important thing they must do in a hostile incident? Most reply that they should simply shoot the bad guys, get access to their weapons, shoot for the head, carry a big gun, and so on. The answer we are looking for is not to get shot. You should, first of all . . .

work out a plan of action that you will take in the case of an emergency. Do this for your home, business and for when you are out and about. Things that need to be considered are means communication, safe areas, when to fight and when to flee and so forth. Planning is what sorts the professionals from the amateurs, if you plan how to deal with a hostile or emergency situation if it happens you’ll know what to and how to react to it.

Plan your reaction to being shot at!

As I just mentioned, you should put together a plan of action of how you will react to a shooting or a hostile incident. Over the years I have spoken to many security contractors, police and former non-British military …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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