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By Donald J. Mihalek

Alternative-Force Tactics Rifle

Alternative-Force Tactics Rifle Cover

“When someone attacks you, you have two options: become a victim or become the victor,” said Chris Caracci, former Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) member and proponent of alternative-force tactics. “I like teaching people how to survive a deadly situation.

“I’m not into creating victims, and I’m surely not about losing,” Caracci said.

Expert Hand To Hand Combat Tips gun


Close Quarters: 5 Expert Hand To Hand Combat Tips

“Every person walking around has to ask themselves, ‘If I’m targeted for an attack, am I ready?’ Many people come back with a no, and I see them in my class. The first step of any improvement is realizing what you don’t know.”

Chris Caracci’s Combat Mindset

To understand Caracci, you must first understand his mindset and what makes him tick. “From a young age, I enjoyed physical sports, including hockey, football and martial arts,” he said. “I trained in classic karate and developed an interest for learning different fighting styles.”

Caracci pushed himself to the ultimate test. “I’d heard about …Read the Rest

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