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By Jenn Jacques

We know they don’t like to listen, but if you had their attention, what’s the one thing you’d like non-gun owners to know?

We’re surveying Bearing Arms readers to see what their responses would be and what the top 5 points gun owners agree need to be made in order to shift the national conversation.

In 2012, back when CNN had credibility and an audience, they published an article titled 5 Things Gun Owners Want You to Know following the mass shooting at an Aurora, CO movie theater screening of the then-new Batman film.

CNN iReport went to the firearms owners and asked for their perspective.

Claiming to have received over 400 iReports from gun owners, they reported “an American pastime, a way to feed and protect families, and a way of life” were just a few of the responses gun owners used to describe “their relationship with firearms and the powerful emotions that stir up when they talk about them”.

The article then highlighted the following five responses:

“Owning a firearm is not a right that I take lightly.” — Jason Bostic, Fredericktown, OH
“If you love your children, you will teach them how to handle a real …Read the Rest

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