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By Jenn Jacques

In a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, gun owners were found to be more likely to be politically active -contacting legislators to voice their support for the protection or strengthening of Second Amendment rights.

Twenty-one percent of gun owners said they have contacted public officials on the issue, with 9 percent stating they had done so within the last year. Only 12 percent of nonowners responded as having done so.

Sadly, only twenty-eight percent of gun owners report donating money to groups that lobby for pro-gun legislation, including 12 percent in the last year, compared to 10 percent of nonowners who say they’ve ever given money based on gun rights.

More than 80 percent of people in the new survey also said they favor items expanding gun-purchase background checks and banning gun purchases by people on no-fly or government watch lists.

In a time when 52 percent of adults responded in favor of stricter gun control, 30 percent saying current laws are comfortable, and 18 percent responding they should remove restrictions, we should all be throwing our support behind legislators and policies that are 2A-friendly.

When asked whether gun control or Second Amendment rights rule supreme, 51 percent responded …Read the Rest

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