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By Brandon Curtis

ELMWOOD PARK, ILLINOIS — After ‘making eye contact’ with a thug with a gun, a man who just finished pumping gas was in for a surprise when that thug walked up to his vehicle with a gun in his hand.

Things escalated quickly, and shots were being exchanged within seconds.

It was all captured on video, as seen above.

From Daily Mail:

A motorist pulled out a gun when Ronald Morales, 43, approached his car at a gas station in Elmwood Park, Illinois.

The men shot at each other multiple times in broad daylight before Morales ran away and the driver sped off.

Morales died from his injuries, as the concealed carrier hit his mark when faced with a threat that we all hope never to face ourselves.

As the story goes, Morales simply ‘made eye contact’ with the man who was pumping gas. Then, Morales exited the gas station store and walked up to the man’s vehicle. Apparently, that’s all it took to set Morales off.

Morales can be seen walking up to the passenger side of the vehicle, gun in hand.

Words were exchanged through the window, and Morales tried keeping the passenger door open without success.

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