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By Chris Eger

A much-anticipated case before the U.S. Supreme Court that had gun control advocates worried over fears it could set a nation-wide precedent left the high court with a fizzle this week. (Photo: Chris Eger/
A challenge to an overreaching New York City gun law that made it against all odds to the U.S. Supreme Court was remanded back down on Monday.
The plaintiffs, NYC gun owners who argued the city’s “premises permit” scheme, which drastically restricted the ability to leave one’s premises with a firearm, was unconstitutional, made it to the nation’s high court with the support of a host of gun rights groups as well as 120 Republican GOP members of Congress allied with attorneys general or governors of 24 red states. The case, the first Second Amendment-centric claim heard by the Supreme Court in a decade, was eagerly expected by pro-gun advocates who hoped it would set a new standard when it came to busting unconstitutional infringements on the Second Amendment.
However, New York City, backed by Dems in Albany as well as Washington– some of whom openly threatened the court with political retribution– along with the standard array of anti-gun groups, undercut the case once it made it to the


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