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By David Codrea

A dog in this fight — It’s not like RAND is a disinterested party, is it?

USA – -( While admitting there is “no middle ground” on “gun control policy,” a RAND Corporation survey did find “four broad areas of agreement” among “100 experts,” military news website Task & Purpose reported recently. Those areas are:

  1. Expanded mental health prohibitions against gun ownership
  2. Required reporting of lost or stolen firearms
  3. A media campaign to prevent child access to firearms
  4. Surrender of firearms by prohibited possessors.

The RAND “study” is not without agenda, as the way they introduce their survey makes clear. Bemoaning “there is very little scientific evidence available to support the decisions that policymakers and the public must make about whether to implement or change various gun policies” is a thinly-veiled swipe at restrictions on the Centers for Disease Control using its funding to promote a political agenda.

As NRA notes:

“To be clear, Congress did not restrict the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from studying firearms and violence. Instead, it restricted government funding from being used to advocate or promote gun control.”

Besides, CDC brought it on itself with a clear …Read the Rest

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