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Paul Babaz
Paul Babaz

USA – -( Safari Club International President Paul Babaz is once again running for the NRA Board. He was appointed to the NRA Board last year and is running again this year. He needs your votes.

The need to align Safari Club International (SCI) with like-minded groups such as the NRA helps strengthen the fight against both the radical anti-hunting groups and those who would rob us of our Second Amendment rights. Hunting and firearms are tightly woven in the fabric of America and what affects one will surely affect the other. Babaz now has an additional year of experience in how desperate the antis are in depriving us of our rights. The assaults on hunting and gun ownership have intensified and continue unabated.

SCI President Babaz is the right person in the right place at the right time to help protect the freedoms all hunters and shooters cherish. He is a lifelong hunter and shooter, understands the importance of linking all facets of the shooting sports to expand the overall base and to counter the efforts of those who would deny the right to keep and bear arms and the freedom to hunt.

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