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Hunting season is here. Around the country, game hunters are getting prepared for fall deer hunts. For hunters making long treks in the back-country, reducing carry weight is a big deal. That’s why we’ve seen a trend among rifle-makers to introduce rifles that weigh significantly less. This is accomplished through use of carbon fiber stocks, carbon-wrapped or fluted barrels, and even titanium actions. Today’s showcased Weatherby rifles feature these lightweight components. As a result, the Weatherby Backcountry 2.0 Ti (Titanium) model comes in at just 4.7 pounds before optics. That’s mighty light for a hunting rifle.

Weatherby Backcountry 2.0 Ti with titanium action, fluted barrel, and carbon-fiber stock, 4.7 pounds.
Light-Weight, Carbon-Stock Backcountry 2.0 from Weatherby
Here is good news for backcountry hunters. Weatherby’s Backcountry 2.0 carbon-stocked hunting rifles weigh well under 6 pounds before optics. There is even one titanium action model series that weighs just 4.7 pounds. The 2.0 series now offers both standard steel receivers or even lighter titanium receivers. And Backcountry 2.0 Carbon models are equipped with a new carbon fiber stock that is the lightest in the industry — weight is a mere 20 ounces for standard actions. For further weight savings, some models feature a tensioned carbon

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