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The Smith & Wesson Model 41 is a classic American rimfire target pistol. Beautifully crafted, the Model 41 boasts a superb trigger, comfortable grip, and excellent accuracy. New or used, a Model 41 is a fine addition to any firearms collection. We’ve shot a few Model 41s, and they will spoil you if you go back to a lesser rimfire pistol. First released commercially in in 1957, a special 50th Anniversary Model (shown above top) came out in 2007 (hitting the market in 2008). Perhaps it should have been named the 60th Anniversary edition, as the first prototypes of the Model 41 were crafted way back in 1947. READ American Rifleman article about Model 41.
The Model 41 is one of those classic American designs that has stood the test of time. Many feel the Model 41 represents the apex of American .22 LR pistol design, much like the Colt Python is the “crown jewel” of double-action revolvers. One YouTube poster noted: “After [65] years the Model 41 is still near the top of the game in precision .22s. Very few if any of the current day pistols can match the workmanship, fit, and balance that makes having a Model 41

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