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CMP 2023 Competition Rules Are Now Online
CMP Competition 2023 rulebooks are now available on the CMP Website. For each discipline, you will find links for the full rulebook as well as separate links for 2023 Rule Changes. For this Sunday Gunday article, we focus on 2023 Rule Changes for rimfire (Smallbore) rifle and centerfire (Highpower) rifle. There are rule changes for pistol disciplines also, but this article does NOT cover pistol rules. Below are links for PDF files listing the CMP’s new 2023 rules for the Highpower and Smallbore rifle categories:
CMP Highpower Rifle Competition Rules 2023 | 2023 Highpower Rule Changes
CMP Smallbore Rifle Competition Rules 2023 | 2023 Smallbore Rule Changes

CMP rulebooks are updated annually to accommodate new program developments, clarify rules issues, and incorporate recommendations from competitors, match sponsors and CMP staff. The 2023 editions of these rulebooks are now posted on the CMP website where competitors, match officials, and match sponsors can download them to read or copy. Printed versions of the rulebooks will be produced in the next two or three months and will be available for purchase after that.

The CMP advises that “The 2023 rulebooks do not have any major rules revisions, but they do have

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