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Kirsten Weiss knows a thing about accuracy. She won the 2012 NRA Three-Position Women’s Smallbore Championship, while finishing as the National Overall Woman Champion. She used to shoot with the American team in top-level World Cup competition. Kirsten started shooting fairly late in high school. Despite her relatively late start, she earned a place on the University of Nebraska shooting team. That literally opened up a new world for Kirsten: “During the course of my career, I’ve had a lot of success. I’ve gone to World Cups… in Zagreb, Croatia, in Munich, Germany. I’ve won National Championships, and got on to the U.S. Olympic short list, so it’s been a good career.”

In the sections below, Kirsten offers key tips on accurate shooting. In the first section she explains the importance of dry-fire practice and offers tips on dry-fire technique. Next, Kirsten talks about canting error — how having inconsistent side-to-side tilt on your rifle. In the third section, Kirsten explains the importance of proper trigger placement, with a helpful video that illustrates the correct trigger technique.
The Benefits of Dry-Fire Practice

Dry-Fire is a method of training without a live round in the chamber. Dry-Firing is effective, Kirsten explains, because “it eliminates

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