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Think you can shoot fast with a bolt gun? Bet you can’t beat these Norwegian speed-demons. In 2019, Inge Hvitås set a Mad Minute World Record, putting 39 rounds inside a 16″ circle at 200 meters, all in a single minute. At the same match, another Norwegian ace fired 48 rounds in a minute, with 38 in the bullseye. Now that’s spectacular speed and accuracy. We first ran this story in 2019 when the record was set. Wikipedia reports this is still the current record. So we believe no one has ever put more rounds on a 16″ target at 200m (with a bolt-action rifle) than Inge Hvitås. We include videos showing Inge’s amazing sequence.
Watch Inge Hvitås Set New Mad Minute World Record:
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Mad Minute World Record — 39 Hits in One Minute (60 seconds)
At the Haga shooting range in Norway, spectators witnessed spectacular speed shooting in 2019. Norwegian shooter Inge Hvitås set a Mad Minute Challenge World Record with

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