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AR-Style .22 LR Rimfire Rifles
For affordable, low-recoil shooting fun it’s hard to beat a semi-auto .22 LR. While Ruger’s 10/22 is the most popular semi-auto .22 LR rifle, many manufacturers are now offering AR-style self-loading rimfire rifles. We like AR-style .22 LR rigs for Rimfire Tactical Matches and 3-Gun cross-training. With an AR-style rimfire rifle you can train with low-cost ammunition while enjoying the same ergonomics, controls, and sighting systems found on your centerfire ARs.
If you shoot service rifle, and want to train at a fraction of the cost of shooting centerfire, a rimfire AR clone makes sense. This allows you to practice with a rifle with the same feel, balance, and ergonomics of your .223 Rem/5.56×45 service rifle.
These rimfire versions of the AR-15 are excellent training tools for 3-Gun and tactical match shooters. You can practice with less expensive rimfire ammo, and save wear and tear on your centerfire ARs. Rimfire AR clones also work great for Rimfire Tactical Matches.
Below we feature a variety of popular .22 LR rimfire AR-style rifles, including the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22, the Tippman Arms series of rimfire ARs, and the HK 416 marketed by Walther.
Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22

Smith & Wesson has

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