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By Justin Stakes

Trulock - Boar Blaster choke tube
Trulock – Boar Blaster choke tube
Trulock Chokes
Trulock Chokes

Whigham, GA -( For hunters, cabin fever comes in the summer. When turkey season ends, the hunting season for game animals closes down until the beginning of fall.

On the other hand, wild hogs are not considered game animals, as they are viewed as an invasive species in North America. In fact, wild hogs can be hunted throughout the entire summer on private land. There is considerable interest in hog hunting, not only among hunters, but among landowners who are growing crops. Hogs tend to find appeal in crops that they find tasty, making a devastating impact on growing crops.

Late spring and summer hog hunting can be extremely amusing, yet challenging at times. Hogs respond to heat by feeding at either end of the day or laying up in cover and wallows during the day. Their affinity for heavy cover means that the stopping power of your ammunition is absolutely critical, as long-range shooting is not necessary in many cases.

Shotguns with buckshot are and excellent choice for hunting hogs in the cover they enjoy, but the shotgun has to deliver tight loads with good downrange energy.

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