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By Rob Pincus

Rob Pincus, Maj Toure, Mike Sodini and friends

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We recorded the conversation about 30 minutes before this picture was taken with the guys who put on “Denver Gun Day”, Issac and Edgar of Firearms Training Central and Guns For Everyone.

The unscripted and unplanned dialogue revolved around the work that both men are doing to educate and raise awareness about responsibility, tragedy prevention, legal gun ownership and the stigma that can accompany gun ownership.

Maj is the founder of Black Guns Matter and Mike recently launched a non-profit organization intended to collaborate with mental health professionals to address a variety of issues.

Knowing that I am maneuvering towards creating a new show, I recorded it in the format of a Radio Program, but it really was just a sampling of the conversations that occurred over the course of 4 days that included some breakthrough meetings for Walk The Talk America.

I think these are important conversations that more people in the firearms community should be having… out loud… in public.

First, I hope you take the time to listen to this conversation and think about the issues we discussed and I hope you share it with others as well.
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