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By Ben Philippi

Submachine gun shooting competitions are one of the least known shooting disciplines in the U.S. This is a result of the restricted nature of the firearms involved.
Subgun shoots can only occur in states where NFA firearms are legal. One such state is Kentucky, and a subgun shooting competition is held at every Knob Creek machine gun shoot. This event takes place near the town of West Point, Kentucky twice a year in April and October. filmed at the event in October 2017.
“Full auto shooting is the ultimate as far as I’m concerned.” said Mike Rouse, who was a competitor at the Knob Creek shoot. “I do USPSA pistol and some trap shooting, but this is absolutely the ultimate. There’s no better than a subgun competition.”
Unlike IDPA or IPSC events, subgun competitions utilize fully automatic submachine guns.
“I shoot a lot of IDPA based shooting as well.” Said John Bosio, a competitor at the Knob Creek shoot. “But this is something totally different. It’s not nine targets set, or an an eighteen round course. You got to think.”
Competitors must knock down dozens of small stationary and moving targets with fully automatic machine guns.
“I got into it twenty years ago with my


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