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By Tom Knighton

One of the things I’ve been saying for a while now is that the big difference between the two sides in the gun debate is a matter of focus. Those who support the Second Amendment tend to make that issue more of a touchstone issue, a gauge to see whether a candidate shares their ideals or not, while gun control supporters may well not prioritize gun control as an issue when choosing a candidate.

Meanwhile, gun control advocates like to point out that the National Rifle Association’s membership includes only a fraction of gun owners. They believe that this is somehow evidence that gun owners don’t share the organization’s ideals.

Well, a new study seems to suggest that one of us is right.

A new study by the University of Kansas political scientists examined the political behavior of gun owners versus non-gun owners in presidential election years from 1972 to 2012. Basically, they found that gun owners have progressively turned out to be all the more politically dynamic amid that time.

The discoveries could be entered in deciding why real gun control enactment in Congress has stayed tricky, even after mass shootings, for example, Newtown in 2012 and …Read the Rest

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