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By Tom Knighton

A psychological study recently concluded that drivers with a gun in the car drive more aggressively than drivers who don’t.

This news flies in the face of experience by most gun owners who routinely travel with all manner of firearms yet do so in a normal, sane way. I know that I drive the same way regardless of whether I’m armed. The only way my driving differs at all is when my kids are riding with me, in which case I take a bit more caution.

Yet science seems to indicate otherwise. How can science be so wrong?

Well, as Nick Leghorn at The Truth About Guns points out, it’s not all that difficult.

The study makes its conclusions based on the observations of 60 “random” people. Not necessarily the best sample size from a statistical perspective. But wait, it gets worse.

As is often the case in psychology experiments, the subjects were university students — most likely drawn from the never-ending pool of Psych 101 attendees required to participate in such studies for credit.

College students a poor choice for this study, given their under-developed decision making capabilities. Liberal arts students in particular tend to have had significantly less exposure to firearms and …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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