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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Students Invited to Participate in 28th Georgia Poster Contest
Students Invited to Participate in 28th Georgia Poster Contest

SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. -( Teachers and students across the state are invited to honor Georgia’s wildlife and students’ artistic interests by participating in the 28th annual Give Wildlife a Chance Poster Contest.

The goal of the competition, open to grades K-5, is to generate a greater knowledge and appreciation of Georgia’s diverse and increasingly threatened nongame wildlife and their habitats. Nongame species (those not legally hunted or fished for) vary from rare animals and plants such as Barbour’s map turtle and dwarf trillium to common species such as the Carolina chickadee and tulip poplar.

This popular art contest is sponsored by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and The Environmental Resources Network (TERN), friends group of DNR’s Nongame Conservation Section. The theme for the 2017-18 school year is “Nature at Night.” The topic highlights the various adaptive behaviors of wildlife as well as their interactions with plants.

Depending on when wild animals are most active, they are considered diurnal, crepuscular or nocturnal. Diurnal wildlife (including the chipmunk, green anole and most songbirds) usually are awake during the day but asleep at night.

Crepuscular animals (like the big brown …Read the Rest

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