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By Tom Knighton

Over and over again, we hear that the student walkouts from earlier this year were about free speech, that schools couldn’t block students from expressing their views on gun control. Of course, we all knew that was bull because of how formalized and directed these supposed “protests” became at the school level.

It was one thing to allow students to protest. It was another to essentially put the school administration’s stamp of approval on them.

However, the defense always came back to free speech, which is fine, as long as everyone’s speech is respected.

While some school districts also allowed dissenting views to voice their opinions, that wasn’t nearly as universal. Now, one school is in hot water because it didn’t.

An Illinois high school student has sued her school for discrimination, saying teachers and fellow students harassed her when she tried to bring pro-gun signs to a gun control walkout after the February school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Madison Oster, 16, and her father, Jeremy, say school officials in Hononegah Community High School District 207 forced her to protest well away from the main walkout in March — part of a national day of action by gun control advocates.

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