Posted January 31, 2019 10:00 am by Comments

By Scott Gara

Strike Industries is known for innovation, not to be outdone by the long guns, they brought that same spirit to the pistols at SHOT. Josh Reed, a Strike Industries rep, started us out with the Glock G3 and G4 Mass Driver Comp. These little bad boys don’t attach to your barrel – so no need to buy a new threaded one – and come with their own through put and guide rod, plus they work with standard springs.
Next, we saw the new G17 slides and barrels being offered. They have that signature Strike look and feature some nice cuts that are sure to reduce weight. We can expect to see the G17 slides by the end of Q1 with the G19 versions following shortly after.
Finally, Reed gave us a sneak peek at the next big thing from Strike and SIG fans should be getting pretty pumped. Similar to what Micro Roni did with a Glock, Strike is doing with the SIG. “SIG did a great thing with that 320 serialized trigger pack, that allows me to make it complete,” Reed told us. So it’s your trigger pack, slide, and barrel, you just install it into the yet to be named


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