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By John Falkenberg

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FL — A man who strangled a woman nearly to death was likely shocked to be on the tail end of a handgun attack by a third party, reports.

I don’t mean that the man was shot — the guy was pistol-whipped in the face so hard he got knocked out of commission.

According to

Cordaryl Lewis was charged with domestic battery by strangulation for the attack on the woman.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office responded to Atmore Community Hospital where the victim said she became involved in a verbal argument with Lewis about leaving the house they had just bought. The altercation became physical and Lewis choked her to the point that she lost consciousness, according to an arrest report. Her injuries were consistent with her statement, according to deputies.

When deputies arrived at the couple’s home in Walnut Hill, they found Lewis had multiple wounds to his face and was bleeding heavily after being pistol whipped by a third party whose name has not been released. That individual has not been charged.

The Sheriff’s Office said Lewis has a 1-year old child with the victim.

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