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By Justin Stakes

Rusty Guns
Storage Facilities for Civilian Guns Is One Stupid Idea
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Etobicoke, ON -( The Liberals continue to float their trial balloons about forcing Canadians to store all their civilian firearms in central repositories.

This is arguably the stupidest idea to come our way since … well, who can even say?

Let’s look at some government agencies to see how well they do caring for firearms in their custody.

First, there is the issue of firearms left unattended in police vehicles. If Halifax’s March 2015 theft, Grand Prairie’s October 2015 theft or Winnipeg’s October 2015 theft are examples, that practice should end immediately.

In all three cases RCMP firearms were stolen from unattended vehicles.

In the Winnipeg case that stolen police firearm was used to shoot a 16-year-old girl. Winnipeg Police charged Matthew Wilfred McKay with two counts of attempted murder, and both he and Matthew Andrew Miles, 25, also face a host of other weapons-related charges including theft of the firearm. Both men were already under a prohibition order.

The firearm used to commit this tragic crime was stolen from an RCMP cruiser parked outside an officer’s home in southwest Winnipeg. While the Winnipeg Police readily admit …Read the Rest

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