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By Rob Morse

Stop the Bleeding - School Staff Flock to Trauma Medical Training
Stop the Bleeding – School Staff Flock to Trauma Medical Training

U.S.A. -( People are screaming and you’re looking at chaos. This is a medical training exercise with multiple injuries. It looks like there are, count them, four people injured in the parking lot in front of your local school. Some of the victims may be dead and some may be dying.

What are your going to do?

I watched two dozen teachers face that scenario during a training exercise. This is what they overcame.

  • Is the scene secure?
  • Is outside help on the way?
  • Are these all the injured, or are there more injured people inside the school or lying behind a car where you can’t see them?
  • Have the uninjured students been moved to safety?
  • Who can you use to help you?
  • What medical supplies do you have on hand right now, and how will you get more help until the EMTs arrive?

..and why is everyone yelling?

The training program is called FASTER, for Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response. They taught school staff to stop a dangerous threat in their school. They also taught staff to treat the injured so the victims are alive when EMTs finally start treatment and evacuation.

This isn’t rocket science …Read the Rest

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