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By Ammoland

California Handgun Roster Time Line
California Handgun Roster Time Line
Calguns Foundation

California – -( have been some really awesome handguns rolled out by manufacturers this year.

From the new generation Glocks to Springfield Armory’s XD-S Series, there has been real innovation.

Unfortunately, as in years past, we will see none of these guns for sale in California. Our Second Amendment rights and market choices are being held hostage by anti-gun Attorney General Kamala Harris and her California Department of Justice, which implements California’s “Not Unsafe” Handgun Roster

Unless a manufacturer pays a $200 fee, cuts through all of DOJ’s regulatory red tape, and implements a non-existent technology (microstamping), perfectly safe and tested handguns “magically” become “unsafe” once they cross state lines.

Without a gun rights victory in our critically-important Second Amendment lawsuit Peña v. Lindley, DOJ will no doubt administratively restrict your access to constitutionally-protected safe, modern handguns and shrink the Roster into oblivion.

There was an attempt this year in the Legislature to repeal some of the most onerous parts of the roster by Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Tulare), but that bill fell on deaf ears.

This lawsuit is a must win. We won’t see a reversal of these policies unless the courts do it!

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