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By Erich Pratt

An Oregon court of appeals just ripped the Second Amendment to shreds, while labeling gun owners who are concerned about the U.N. gun control treaty as racists.
And all of this while officials in the Biden administration are pushing the President to override gun owners’ rights by resigning the anti-gun Arms Trade Treaty.
But first … a three-judge panel in Oregon OVERTURNED our victory over Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown” in defense of a citizen-passed measure that established a 2A Sanctuary in an Oregon county.
While this ruling against the clear vote of the people is alarming, what’s even more disturbing is the secondary opinion by Judge Egan, one of the most radical anti-gun judges in the country.
In an unhinged fear mongering rant full of vitriolic hatred for the Second Amendment and those who support it, the judge slandered gun owners like YOU as racists and antisemites who are responsible for MASS MURDER.
He called gun owners’ legitimate concerns about surrendering their constitutionally protected gun rights to a global governing body like the U.N. “an antisemitic and racist conspiracy theory.”
But while he slanders gun owners as conspiracy theory-peddling racists, the Biden-Harris Administration *is* working behind the scenes to ratify a U.N. global gun registration treaty.
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Source: Gun Owners of America

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