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By Alex Madajian

Joe Biden just proposed a $6.8 trillion 2024 budget that would deal a fatal blow to the Second Amendment.
It provides BILLIONS to fund unconstitutional gun control – including gun registration, gun confiscation, and yet another massive budget hike for the ATF.
Biden’s proposal would increase the ATF’s budget by 13.6% compared to 2023, giving them a total of over $1,900,000,000 to assault your Second Amendment rights.
This means the ATF would have grown 35.7% larger since the start of the Biden presidency, and 50.9% larger since the end of the Obama Administration!
We need to force Congress to stop this trainwreck of a budget in its tracks or we’ll soon lose our Second Amendment rights forever.
Please add your name to our pre-written letter pressuring your Representative and two Senators to VOTE NO on Biden’s anti-gun budget that would provide BILLIONS to fund unconstitutional gun control.

Right now, millions of Americans are struggling just to make ends meet as they cope with historically high inflation.
But Biden and Kamala’s #1 priority is to give the ATF even more money to assault your constitutional rights.
Here’s just a few of the gun control provisions hidden within Biden’s new budget:
• More funds to facilitate the ATF’s tyrannical pistol

Source: Gun Owners of America

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