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By Noah Alkinburgh

STI has a reputation for brining quality to full size guns and they turned the 1911 marketplace on it’s head with the 2011. Well, they have done it again by taking the 2011 technology and squished it down into a compact frame and created a single stack 9mm CCW powerhouse with the Staccato-C.
Originally introduced in November 2018, the Staccato-C was showcased at SHOT show this year along with the newly introduced Staccato-P. The P is the professional model and was purpose built for the law enforcement and first responder community, but the C stole the show.
STI touts the Staccato-C as “the world’s best shooting carry gun” and they packed it full of everything you expect from STI. Speaking with Tony Pignatto from STI, he stated, “There is a rush [from other manufactures] to make the smallest gun with the most rounds, but we decided to make the best shooting carry gun. Why would you compromise on the one gun you might need to save your life?”
The Staccato-C has the new 2011 single stack grip with the Recoil Master, railed aluminum frame and felt really nice in the hand. It comes with the Dawson Perfect Impact sites and a very nice


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