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By Robert Farago


I know what you’re thinking: what the hell’s going on in the picture above? According to, the Steyr SM12 with RESET ACTION has “all the features of the regular Steyr SM12 with an integrated inclination sensor that knows when the rifle is moved out of a shooting position and is still cocked. In case the shooter forgets to decock an LED signal alerts the shooters attention to the fact that the rifle is still cocked and unsafe.” But wait! The SM12 de-cocks itself! Like this . . .

If the shooter does not un-cock the rifle manually, the RESET ACTION system does that automatically and prevents serious accidents which could occur with a cocked rifle.

Steyr Männlicher SM12 RESET ACTION .308 bolt-action rifle

An electronic sensor reacts if the rifle is lifted up over an angle of more than 100° or is tilted sideways under 55°.In case of a total flip over where the weapon gets upside down the system decocks immediately.

The power of the RESET ACTION lasts up to 10 years – after that time batteries …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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