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By Jacki Billings

The 40th edition STG 77 incorporates elements from the original AUG design. (Photo: Steyr)
Steyr commemorates the 40th anniversary of the AUG by returning to its roots and introducing the STG 77 SA rifle — a limited edition version that mimics the aesthetics of the original.
The STG 77 is the first U.S. built production AUG model to feature a 20-inch, cold-hammer forged barrel. Designed in 1977, the short-stroke, gas-piston-operated AUG was adopted by Australian Army to serve as the standard battle rifle. The new STG 77 is a throw-back, profiled to the original model’s specifications.
The new variant boasts a sleek, integrated 1.5X scope, which offers shooters an extremely clear and sharp image despite having a smaller diameter. The scope features a circle-dot reticle, however, unlike the original optic that required the use of a special tool to make adjustments, the STG 77’s reticle can be adjusted using just a coin. Integrated to the top of the scope housing, Steyr has also included a set of three-dot post-and-notch backup sights.
Steyr designed the new STG without rails, but the scope can be removed and replaced with any of the company’s standard Picatinny rails available for the AUG A3 M1. The aluminum receiver offers a smooth


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