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By Jacki Billings

The Colt Walker Model 1847 known as the “Danish Sea Captain” sold on the auction block for $1.84 million in 2018. (Photo: RIAC)
The Colt Walker Model 1847 was the first revolver to be purchased en masse by the U.S. Army, setting the stage for gun maker Samuel Colt to make a name for himself in the military and consumer market. The black powder revolver wowed with its powerful punch and incredible accuracy. Well over a century later, the Colt Walker Model 1847 still impresses gun collectors, drawing in hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars for surviving models in good condition. What makes this six-shot revolver so good and why does it have collectors clambering for a peek?
The Colt Walker Model 1847 Origin
Captain Samuel Hamilton Walker commissioned the revolver from Samuel Colt in 1846. (Photo: Wikipedia)
The famed Colt Walker Model 1847 began as a request from American Capt. Samuel Hamilton Walker. Walker was a national hero, having fought multiple battles in the Texas-Mexico wars. Walker was on the hunt for a new pistol for the U.S. Texas Rangers and U.S. Dragoons. Approaching firearms maker Colt, Walker asked the gun maker to design and create a revolver to serve


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