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By Matt


I have been using StealthGear USA holsters for about a year and a half now, and I must say, they are still my go-to IWB holster, bar none. I’ve written about both their Onyx IWB holster and their IWB Mag Carriers in the past, and I still use both of those products daily. StealthGear USA makes a truly one of a kind holster, but not because of the holster shape, but rather due to the materials used. It is those materials that set their products apart from all the rest. The comfort level of their products is untouched by any other IWB holster I have ever used, and both the security and durability or their products are second to none.

Now I have never been much of a fan of appendix carry, but there are times and situations when that carry position is one of the best options. My opposition to that carry location has mostly been a comfort issue. I have never found a holster/gun combination that did not dig into either my leg or my, well, my other parts in that region. Some of the appendix …read more

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