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By Tim

Photo courtesy of PF

Photo courtesy of PF

PF reports that amid a surge in murderous gun violence in Milwaukee, the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Senate voted to repeal a state law that requires a two-day wait for handgun purchases.

Just before the April 21, 2015, vote, the author of the bill, state Sen. Van Wanggaard, made this waiting-period claim:

“There’s no statistical evidence that it reduces violence whatsoever,” the Racine Republican declared.

With the repeal bill moving to the GOP-controlled Assembly, and likely headed for GOP Gov. Scott Walker, let’s see if Wanggaard is right.

The law

The District of Columbia and 10 states, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa, have laws that require a waiting period for purchases of at least some types of guns, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Wisconsin’s law, in place since 1976, applies only to handguns and only to purchases from firearms dealers. It prohibits a handgun buyer from taking possession of the weapon until 48 hours after a background check is started — even if the check comes back clean within a matter of hours or minutes.

The City of Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence and …read more

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