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By Philip Van Cleave

NRA-ILA Anti-Gun Banner
State Group Opposes New Laws Banning, Controlling, Or Restricting Bump-Fire Gun Parts
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -( One of the key principles that Virginia Citizens Defense League has always maintained is that gun control is worthless for stopping, or even lowering, crime.

Gun control only infringes on the rights, safety, and security of good people, while handing a major tactical advantage to criminals or empowering political tyrants who wish to dominate a society.

As Chicago shows every day, gun control actually makes life more dangerous for the person being controlled. In Chicago they have as many murders each and every month as there were in that highly unusual event in Las Vegas. Yet, the gun controllers are as quiet as church mice about that, as it is proof positive that gun control fails to make anyone, except criminals, safer.

Gun control was established in the United States with the primary purpose of keeping one minority or another from having access to guns, thus allowing those populations to be controlled more easily by another group, be it whites controlling blacks or Irish controlling Italians.

Way too many people start their thinking with a false premise: …Read the Rest

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