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By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona -( On 31 July, 2018, Heather Nauert briefed reporters on issues at the Department of State. She answered questions about the settlement of the First Amendment lawsuit with the Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed. The State Department Press Briefing was posted by the Department of Defense videos. The pertinent exchange is from 5:59 to 10:54. Link to Defense Department video

A reporter asked this loaded question:

..given the amount of public opposition to this and the amount of concern on Capitol Hill that’s been raised, is the Secretary planning to do anything to stop these downloads from becoming available, as they would at 12:01?

From Acting Under Secretary of State and Spokesperson, Heather Nauert:

I think we need to put some things in perspective. This is obviously a heated situation; a lot of people have interest in this story. A lot of people have been ignoring this fact for quite some time since this story began: At least since the year 2013, these CAD files, these computer – assisted design files, have been available online, they’ve been legal for U.S. citizens to actually download these CAD designs …Read the Rest

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