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By Seth Rodgers

The Thunderstruck, which debuted at SHOT Show in 2019, is an interesting little revolver.
Every once in a while, a gun comes along that makes you scratch your head and wonder, “what the heck is going on here?”
Such is the case with the Standard Manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck. This curious little revolver fires two rounds of .22 WMR for every trigger pull. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given the company’s history of double-barreled firearms, namely the DP-12.
Here are my initial thoughts on how the gun felt and functioned.
The Trigger is Meant to Carry
The trigger is unusual but purposefully suited for the gun. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/
Two barrels and two shots aren’t the only odd thing about this little revolver. At first glance, it appears that the gun is missing a key element. Unlike nearly every other gun manufactured, the Thunderstruck doesn’t have a trigger guard that wraps around the trigger. The reason behind this is the gun’s double-action-only trigger is so heavy and long that it makes it very hard to pull without any sort of intent.
Now I don’t have a trigger gauge yet, but I can tell you this is, by far, the heaviest and longest trigger I’ve ever


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