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By Tom Claycomb

If you favor a shorter bladed skinning knife, then you need to check out the Sypderco Enuff Clip Point. It also comes with a great little Kydex sheath.

Idaho – I’ve just finished reviewing the Spyderco Enuff Clip Point Knife. It would make you a sweet little skinning knife. It is small, compact and yet is still functional. Let’s go over some of the knife features that I like.

Spyderco Enuff Clip Point Knife

Spyderco Enuff Clip Point Knife Handle: It drives me nuts how most knife makers when making a smaller bladed knife also make it with a short handle. I don’t care if I’m using a dainty little caping knife or a larger skinning knife, my hand is still the same size, and if the handle doesn’t fill my hand, the blade is more likely to slip in my hand causing me to cut myself.

With the above said, even though this is a short-bladed skinning knife, it has a full-sized handle. I require that in any knife that I carry. When skinning most of your elk, it will be at dusk or in the dark. Most likely it will be colder than blue blazes, and you’ll be in …Read the Rest

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