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J2 - NRA 2016

Springfield Armory USA

GENESEO, ILL. – (AmmoLand) – What has bright-green, red or blue fingernails and can, on occasion, outdraw Team Springfield Captain Rob Leatham? That would be one of the Williams sisters – either Jalise (pronounced jay-lease) or Justine, depending on who’s faster that particular day.

After taking the NRA 2016 Annual Meeting by storm, the newest members of Team Springfield sat down for a video interview so the shooting community could learn a bit more about these preteen wonders.

Just 16 months apart in age, Jalise (13) and Justine (12) Williams have been shooting since age three or four, depending on which sister one asks. Under coach Glenn Wong, they’ve been hitting the competitive circuit, primarily in United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), since December 2013. Who’s the better competitive shooter? When asked, both immediately replied, “I am! No! I am!”

That about sums up the friendly, family rivalry.

Demonstrating that respect and discipline go hand in hand with safe and responsible shooting, both girls have already earned black belts in karate, play piano and achieve (mostly) straight A’s in school.

When asked about joining Team Springfield, Jalise replied, “Our first guns were Springfield Armory …Read the Rest

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