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Student of the Gun and Spike’s Tactical have partnered to create the “Lexington & Concord” rifle, an Instrument of Liberty. This AR-15 style firearm is available for purchase directly from Spike’s Tactical of Apopka, Florida.
“We wanted to spec out an AR that would be simple and robust, one that had all that you needed but nothing that you don’t”, said Paul Markel, founder of Student of the Gun. He continued, “The L&C rifle is designed to be an Instrument of Liberty, a tool that any minuteman would be proud to carry.”
The Lexington & Concord rifles come as a value-added package; in addition to the rifle, each gun ships with a copy of “The Martial Application of the Rifle” book, an SOTG Skill Maintenance Target, a Galco SLC Strap (sling), a sample of FrogLube and a certificate of purchase.
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