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By Kristin Alberts

A bad day at the range is still better than the worst day at work, but improve your odds with a little gear and make each range trip an extraordinary one. For hunters and shooters tiring of shooting holes in paper, consider spicing things up with a few products that will add some sizzle to sight-in day. Best of all, they could be had for not a lot of dough.
A quality rest
Proper sight-in of any hunting is best done from a stable shooting rest. While there are many versions on the market, the Champion Enhanced Rifle Rest has a solid cast and steel build with an ambidextrous design and offers quick elevation adjustments. MSRP is $148, but most retailers list it at or under $100.
The Lead Sled name is synonymous with sight-in as well, but beware adding too much weight and damaging your stock in an attempt to negate recoil. There’s no need to clamp, secure, or otherwise restrain the firearm in order to properly zero and get on target for the big hunt.
Splattering paper targets
Sure, you can use a piece of freezer paper with holes covered in masking tape, but don’t be that guy. When get to spend a


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