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By Ammoland

Sphinx SDP Subcompact Pistol

By Mike Searson

Sphinx SDP Subcompact Pistol
Mike Searson
Mike Searson

USA – -( One of the finest made pistols that a shooter can lay his hands on is a Sphinx Arms pistol.

These Swiss made handguns have raised the bar on manufacturing and the build quality is nothing short of superb.

Many moons ago we reviewed the Compact version for RECOIL Magazine and when test time was over we regretted not buying the sample we received. However, the author made a vow to grab the next one that came down the pike.

As fate would have it we obtained a sample of an even smaller version called the Sphinx SDP Subcompact Pistol and while bigger and heavier than what we consider a subcompact pistol we decided to give it a test drive.

For those unfamiliar with the design, they appear to be CZ-75 clones, but incorporate a decocking system closer to Sig’s than CZ’s. The slide runs inside the frame and this takes getting used to if you are not familiar with the operation.

The frame is a two piece construction: an aluminum chassis bonded to a thermo plastic grip. You can’t …read more

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