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By Mike Searson

Speed Sights can be easily seen during the day.

U.S.A.-( It is not often that I take the time as a writer to review a set of pistol sights. When I write reviews of handguns I will often point out the advantages or drawbacks of the factory sights. Of course, when building a pistol from the ground-up I will mention why a particular set of sights were chosen. However, I came across a new set by a company called Speed Sights that was a bit different than what is out there.

More so, the after-action report by a police officer who used these sights in a life or death gun battle made me want to evaluate these for myself.

The Incident

On June 22, 2015, Sergeant Jim Vogel of the Pittsburgh Police Department installed a set of Speed Sights on his Glock 17 duty pistol. He thought the installation was amazingly simple and like most of us, he loaded his pistol, placed it in his holster and went to work, thinking he could fine tune them at the range in the next day or so. A call out to respond to an active shooter derailed those plans.

The shooter was a …Read the Rest

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