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By David Codrea

If you believe in the right to keep and bear arms, is your online advocacy to blame? (Tree of Life/Facebook)USA – -( Two headline-dominating events have given “progressives” plenty of ammunition to manipulate public opinion right before the midterm elections: the opportunistically-named “MAGAbomber” and the suspect accused of murdering Jewish congregants in Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue. To no one’s surprise, renewed fury against Donald Trump, Republicans and gun owners is at fever pitch, much of it egged on by those intent on making the “blue wave” a reality by energizing Democrats and demoralizing the GOP.

Gun owners have plenty of resources to consult where they can find out more about both cases and the low-hanging fruits reportedly behind them. The constant is that the new volley of anti-gun attacks is just as hysterical and illegitimate as the last volley, and the one before that. I’ve weighed in briefly on both the incompetent “bomber” and the synagogue slaughter at my The War on Guns blog. Rather than parrot readily-findable information and arguments, I’d now like to focus on a threat we must not overlook while our natural focus is …Read the Rest

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