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By Tom Knighton

Mass shootings might as well be a starter pistol for the anti-gun zealots. After all, it’s their signal to pile the bodies of the dead up and use them as a platform to scream about taking away the rights of ordinary Americans. They jump on this in an instant. It’s just how zealots are.

However, mass shootings also do something else. They often tend to get people thinking about how to protect themselves should they ever find themselves in such a horrible situation.

From the Houston Chronicle:

A new class, which is open to the public, is meant to teach participants what to do if faced with such an event.

Kris Mayfield, who has spent 28 years in law enforcement, many as a special agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, is teaching an Active Shooter Survival class at Spring Guns and Ammo’s Spring location at the end of July.

“The class is designed to let people know that these are the circumstances you might find yourself in and what you can to do get out of there alive if you’re confronted with an active shooter situation,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield is certified to teach the class through the Advanced Law …Read the Rest

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