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By Van Harl

Crossing The Border Immigrants Immigration
Crossing The Border

U.S.A.-( It would appear if you are not happy with someone or some group’s actions, you call them a Nazi. Even if their actions are within the law, even if their actions are defined, spelled out and they follow the letter of that law, you still call them a Nazi and get some free press time. Criminals are illegally crossing our border every day and they are bringing along their offspring in hopes of plugging up our immigration legal system.

We detain these criminals, we lock them up during the legal process, but we have to do something with the illegal’s offspring, so, we lock them up also. The US government provides these illegal offspring with a far better living environment than what they left in Central and South America. Just exposing some of these detained criminals to running water and electricity is a major plus in their lives, but the US government is still called Nazis.

What the US is really experiencing is a new style of lebensraum. Lebensraum is a 1860s German term that means “living space”, but is also means forced colonialism by one group of people onto the real estate of another …Read the Rest

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