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By Ammoland

Southern Poverty Law Center's Bogus Listing of III% United Patriots Of Virginia

by John Crump

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Bogus Listing of III% United Patriots Of Virginia
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA – ” walk-a-thon held this past summer in the DC area. They were recognized by M.A.D.D with a plaque for their fundraising efforts. We recognize the damage drunk driving causes people and work to combat drunk driving to safeguard the community.

Also every Christmas members of 3UP purchases a number of bikes which other members then take and customize. The bikes are then donated to underprivileged children. They dress as Santa and elves.

When was the last time you have seen anti-government militia members dress is the jolly elf to give bikes to underprivileged and inner-city kids?

These are just a few examples of the charity that 3UPVA does. Charity is a big part of the mission of 3UPVA. They believe in helping others in need. At any given time there is some type of charity event happening or being planned by 3UPVA around the state of Virginia. They do not ask for praise, but also do not want to be slandered by being called extremist which directly affect them working with charity groups.

One of the other mission of …Read the Rest

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